Consciousness and Quantum Reality – Nick Herbert

OK. Here’s the download. This is where hard science and new-age thinking align to reveal the mental/spiritual quagmire we are in at this moment in time. It appears to me that we are faced with integrating a new paradigm for understanding and acting in the universe (or perhaps I should say multi-verse?)… and I think this interview explains why everything appears so topsy turvy in our world today. I happened upon this book on a houseboat in Sasaulito last night.

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From: THINKING ALLOWED Conversations On The Leading Edge Of Knowledge and Discovery an interview with Nick Herbert.
Nick Herbert’s Web Page
Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics by Nick Herbert at

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Real News from Project Censored
No Disclosure on $Billions for Homeland Security
Cola vs. the People in India
Dismantling the Internet
Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu Stock
US Controls Colombian Reproductive Rights
KBR’s Gulf Coast Slaves
US Terror Watchlist 80,000 Names Long
Air War in Iraq
Power Plants Go Unregulated

No Disclosure on $Billions for Homeland Security
Reviewed by Nick Ramirez

The details of how $8 billion in Homeland Security funds have been spent remain a mystery to the public. Many states do not reveal specifics on what has been purchased, providing only
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Off to Coachella

Hypha  Flock
We’re off to Coachella tomorrow.. installing two of Michael Christian’s sculptures: Hypha from BM 2005 and Flock from BM 2001 (most recently installed in front of City Hall, SF)

I’m in the newspaper!

Hot Wine!
Check out the front page of the Food and Wine section in today’s SF Chronicle! or online at:

THis link is only current for a day… use permenant link below:

permanent link to the article is here.

I did a photoshoot last week with SF Chronicle Photographer Craig Lee at the Crucible in West Oakland. I had to figure out how to hold a wine glass full of flaming liquid while breathing fire over it, without burning myself or destroying the wine glass! Well I never got hurt, but we shattered two glasses! However we managed to get some good shots in before the fireworks.

Thanks to Joshua David for being my fire-safety on this gig.

Veggie-Oil Truck Panorama

Feb-Mar 2004
veggieoil suburban panorama
Hmmm… quite the maiden voyage for the veggie-oil powered suburban.
Mexico is a very large country. Driving across it took far longer than anticipated. And it certainly didn’t help that right before leaving the vehicle was modified to use vegetable oil as fuel… whew!

Read more about the trip & see pictures here.