Google ChromeBook Pixel – Exploded View

I built this display when Google came out with a brand new laptop in 2013 called the ChromeBook Pixel. This was the first laptop they designed and built from the ground up. Google approached Obscura Digital to make an exploded view display, four actually, that would reveal all the design they were so proud of. I worked closely with Google on the concept and design of the display, then received a box of laptop parts. I meticulously glued the tiny parts and assembled each display by hand. All this was originally done under NDA and with code-names and super hush-hush as the computer had not even shipped yet.

Google Chromebook Pixel Exploded View Display
Google Chromebook Pixel Exploded View Display

One of the features of the display is that each platform can rotate on a central post to reveal the layer beneath, and allow each of the four displays to be “posed” to highlight different elements. The clear acrylic bases allows the viewer to see through each layer and grasp how the computer is assembled.

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Google PixelTree – Interactive Sculpture

When Google debuted their ChromeBook Pixel laptop, they came to Obscura Digital to create a unique sculpture that would use the computer as part of the piece. I co-developed the initial concept for the sculpture with my co-worker Bryant Place, and then IwamotoScott Architecture and Obscura’s in-house fabricator Hoss Ward took the design to completion.

As the Technical Director on the project, I also worked closely with the software team to setup the operating system, network the computers, and develop scripts for testing and uploading the content. The debut of the PixelTree was at Google I/O in Las Vegas in April 2013, and then we installed it in the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA.

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Nautilus Submarine Art Car – Five Ton Crane

The Nautilus project is an artistic experiment and collaboration between Christopher Bently, Sean Orlando and Five Ton Crane. It is a land-based submarine weighing in at 11,000 pounds (dry) with a top speed of 13 mph. The base vehicle is a 2005 Eagle TT8 diesel AWD airport tow tractor, designed to tow 90,000 lbs airplanes. 25? long, 100? wide, 11’6″ tall

I designed and built the interior staircase and the exterior railings on the Nautilus in collaboration with members of Five Ton Crane.

Nautilus Submarine Home Page

Nautilus Submarine Art Car - Stairs Installed
Nautilus Submarine Art Car – Stairs Installed

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