Gilly & Fire in the Snow

This week I’m in Breckenridge, CO for the International Snow Sculpure Championships and Fire Arts Festival, assisting my good friend and collaborator Orion Fredericks with his latest creation Gillaptourous Corvus, aka “Gilly,” a 14ft tall fire breathing sculpture made from cold-forged and tig-welded stainless steel. This is Gilly’s first public appearance and the location is unlike any I have ever worked in before.

Fire art? In the Snow? At first it seemed absurd, but on second thought, of course! What a perfect juxtaposition of opposites, and who doesn’t want warmth when it’s cold outside? But then…. the more I thought about it… the more anxious I became. Working in sub-freezing temperatures… wondering how the lack of oxygen at high altitude would effect combustion… and then there’s the frozen propane tanks.

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Ode to Robin Williams

Robin Williams Wasn’t Special

I’m certain I saw this episode on TV when it aired in 1978. 

I was 7 years old, having just moved from New Jersey 2 years earlier, and I watched Happy Days religiously. I must have seen myself as a bit of a cross between the Fonz, and Richie Cunningham; with my New Jersey Italian background and my California liberal boy-scout upbringing… I guess I still do. 

But when Mork (Robin Williams) appeared on the screen in this episode, things changed…

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Slot Car Races at the SF Night Market


NJW_8252 | NJW_8213

Originally uploaded by Nick Winterhalter

I had a lot of fun being a track marshal last night for the first SF night Market. Five Ton Crane put together a fantastic 4-lane slot car racetrack in the back of a rented Box truck, and parked it at 24th St & Illinois in San Francisco along with 18 other trucks each with different installations by different groups of artists. Big props to David Shulman for spearheading the effort and Greg Jones for all the slot car track!

Hosted by Lost Horizon, who have produced this guerrilla art event in Boston and New York in the past, there was a bowling alley in a semi-trailer, a entire garden, Mac and Cheese with attitude, a full gypsy band with stand-up piano, ballroom dancing and Grope-A-Clown just to name a few!

Check out more of these photos by my friend Nick Winterhaler on

And here are some photos by from the High School Yearbook Box Truck picture booth:

Keep your ears peeled for the next Night Market East Bay in the spring of 2011!

Get the Whirlygig to the Museum

I really fantastic opportunity has come my way: to display the Whirlygig Emoto, my steampunk motorbike, at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham Massachusettes. is hosting a “Steampunk Form and Function Design Competition.” The opening night is Oct 22nd 2010.
I’ve never had any work in a museum, most of the projects I’ve worked on have been large-scale sculptures or art cars, so this is a very cool thing that I’m super excited about!
However, niether the museum nor I have the funds to ship the bike!

Well that’s where community comes in: I’ve started a fundraising campaign on to raise the funds to ship the bike. Here’s the catch though: if I don’t meet my target goal of $3000, then I don’t get a single dime from anyone. That’s right. It’s an all-or-nothing kinda deal. As of today I’m a little over a third of the way and there are only 8 more days ’till the campaign ends!!!

I hope you’ll consider clicking on the link and donating.. even $5 – it all adds up!

Thanks for your support!

The Lumbering Contraption

Originally uploaded by tomsepe
We’ve been making some great progress on the Lumbering Contraption. We’ve only got a few more days to finish before bringing her out to Santa Rosa for the Handcar Regatta.
You can see Pictures of her in progress on my Flickr page,
\as well as some wonderfull photos and a bit of video by Nick Winterhalter on his Flickr page.
I also posted a dark and mysterious video on YouTube of last night’s test run:
Come on out this Sunday Sept 28th to us pit our invention against the other fabulous railcars at the Santa Rosa Handcar Regatta:

March To Tibet- Great Music- Historic Cause-Club 1015- April 6th



A Special Event In Support of the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement
9pm – 4am | $15 advance, $20 door | 21+ Only

All profits to benefit Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement:

11:00-12:30 Cheb i Sabbah (San Francisco)
12:30-02:00 FreQ Nasty ( / Skint – UK)
02:00-3:30 Karsh Kale (Six Degrees Records – NYC)

Nickodemus (ESL – NYC) –
An-ten-nae (Get Freaky – SF) –
Mozaic (Raindance/NEXUS – SF) –
DJ Amar (Electric Vardo – SF) –
Malarkey (the Juke Joint – Santa Rosa) –
KnowSleep (Cyphertown Street Ritual – SF) –
Unicorn (Venus Fly Love/Cyphertown – Oakland)
SolarLion ( – LA) –
Mimosa (Cyphertown – SF) –
Heyoka (Cyphertown Street Ritual – SF) –
Lotus Drops (Cyphertown/WHOMPSTEADY Crew – SF)
Goodfelllow (Cyphertown – SF) –

This event will include DJ’s, Live Music, Activist Speakers, & Visuals of the Tibetan Struggle.

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