Higgs-Boson Photographed!

Amateur Scientist, Tom Sepe, photographs Higgs-Boson Particle
Tom Sepe, with the Higgs-Boson particle he photographed in his home labratory

“It’s small, its elusive, but its very friendly!” says Tom Sepe of the Higgs-Boson particle he photographed in his garage on Monday.

Scientists have been looking for the Higgs-Boson or “God Particle” for decades but “They’ve been going about it all wrong!” says Sepe, who was able to coax the quantum particle out of hiding with just the right music.

As Sepe explains; “Sages have been saying for thousands of years that every thing is just vibration, the music of the spheres and whatnot. Look, the Higgs-Boson has been here since the dawn of time (or just .0000001 seconds after) it has good tastes, it’s seen it all. You can’t just build a big a huge ugly billion dollar machine and expect a cool party. These things have to be understood from an emotional point of view as well! Its quantum physics man! Its Craazzy! We understand this stuff out in California.”

Sorry Switzerland.

WORC- Rocket Video Tease

Wow I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Tahoe with the West Oakland Rocketry Club (WORC)

here’s a little video tease shot with a Casio EX-FS10 at 400 frames per second of my X-Patriot missile:

4 “D” motors. cardboard tube, foam-core fins, whiffle-ball nosecone, perfect paint job. no recovery method. Tahoe WORC trip 2010. Shot with Casio EX-FS10 camera at 400 fps.

stay tuned for the rest!

Spring 2009 Update

Hey Friends,

Just a quick update to tell you where I’m at

After moving back to the Bay Area for six months… I’m about to mix it up again… where to? I’m not exactly sure!

We had some great success and challenges with the documentary film project – Andrea and I met up in Northern India last year to interview Tibetan Exiles about non-violence, China, the Olympics… you can see some of our work online here:

due to lack of funding and general life being what it is … the project of making a full length documentary is on hold…. but if you are interested in helping or have any film-maker resources, please clue me in!

I’m looking for places to go visit and work/live for a bit – specifically farms, cooperatives, retreat centers, land projects where there is a need for some skilled hands and a commitment to Art, Community, Activism and just plain having a good ‘ole time…. so if you know of anything like that out there please let me know.

I’m also looking to buy a truck that can be my workhorse – a good truck for traveling, working on a farm, maybe through a camper on it, tow a trailer with some tools and camera and stilts and my chef knives…. a gypsy wagon!

My short term plan is to explore and have a respite from the city for 6-mo or a year, and then see where that leads me or perhaps go back to school… maybe in Sweden!

So that’s the nutshell version…. of my life… would love to hear about you!

In Gratitude,

Tom Sepe

Get the Egg

Last week I helped Michael Christian pick up the “Egg” from the Reliance powder coating in San Leandro:

Unfortunately they couldn’t fit the sculpture into the powder coating oven and had to paint it by hand. This was less than ideal for a number of reasons – mostly, Michael said, because he could have bondo-ed the weld seams faster than the grinding of the seams necessary for powdercoating, and as a result obtained a smoother finish. ANother important lesson learned is that there is now a metal-to-metal bondo that contains aluminum – which means you can use it in the powder-coating process!

We then took the egg over to the new NIMBY space in Oakland, which is HUGE! It will be exciting to see NIMBY 2.0 evolve….

Steam Power is Making a Comeback | NBC Bay Area

I was interviewed this week for the local NBC News station! Here’s the link to the video segment:

I brought out a few of my friends to the secret warehouse that stores the Steampunk Treehouse –  Sean Orlando was there to talk about the Treehouse, along with Alan Rorie, Oliver W. Lowe and Emily Beighley.

Oliver is working on a book titled “Steampunk: The Retro-Futurist Dream” to be published by RE:Search Publications. Sean and I were both interviewed for that book so I’ll make an announcment about its release at a future date….

Emily Beighley builds fabulous “Neo-victorian Antiquiteis and Curiosities” which she brought along to show to the cameras.

Alan Rorie brought out his Dihemispheric Chronaether Agitator which is also featured in the news segment.

A big thanks to Jake Von Slatt and steampunkworkshop.com – the interview that Meridith did with me on their blog a few months back has brought me a ton of press and attention!

The Lumbering Contraption

Originally uploaded by tomsepe
We’ve been making some great progress on the Lumbering Contraption. We’ve only got a few more days to finish before bringing her out to Santa Rosa for the Handcar Regatta.
You can see Pictures of her in progress on my Flickr page,
\as well as some wonderfull photos and a bit of video by Nick Winterhalter on his Flickr page.
I also posted a dark and mysterious video on YouTube of last night’s test run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxQ8I4818-w
Come on out this Sunday Sept 28th to us pit our invention against the other fabulous railcars at the Santa Rosa Handcar Regatta: http://handcar-regatta.com/