I’m in the newspaper!

Hot Wine!
Check out the front page of the Food and Wine section in today’s SF Chronicle! or online at:

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I did a photoshoot last week with SF Chronicle Photographer Craig Lee at the Crucible in West Oakland. I had to figure out how to hold a wine glass full of flaming liquid while breathing fire over it, without burning myself or destroying the wine glass! Well I never got hurt, but we shattered two glasses! However we managed to get some good shots in before the fireworks.

Thanks to Joshua David for being my fire-safety on this gig.

Veggie-Oil Truck Panorama

Feb-Mar 2004
veggieoil suburban panorama
Hmmm… quite the maiden voyage for the veggie-oil powered suburban.
Mexico is a very large country. Driving across it took far longer than anticipated. And it certainly didn’t help that right before leaving the vehicle was modified to use vegetable oil as fuel… whew!

Read more about the trip & see pictures here.

Engine 42 Crucible Video

I just finished my first contract video project for the Crucible!

I’m pretty happy with it… but had a lot of problems with the audio, and there is some redundancy. But Learned a lot in the process…. and like I always say;

If I had more time I’d make a shorter video!