Despair Vs Dream


I’m having one of those mornings where Despair and Doubt ate their oatmeal and did their yoga before I could kiss Dream farewell. They are doing pushups on my Heart and running circles around my breathless Hope.

A million dead seabirds paint the beaches with their starving bodies. A handful of pseudo kings pull the strings that dance the political puppets. 10,000 TV shows distract the populace while commercials invent desire for useless objects, broken before they are bought. The police are murderers. The army works for the corporations. The people are divided. The entire ocean is changing it’s chemistry, the very web of life is unravelling before our eyes and by our hands.

Has it occurred to people that our civilization is not civilized?

What if there was another way of living together? And it was just around the corner, waiting for us to invent and accept it?

Would you take a stand for that possibility?


ya know I’m thankful for the dark moments…

for when it all turns to shit and I feel like a totally short-sighted, desire-based, pleasure seeking nincompoop.
I face my shortcomings…

I see what I don’t want to. I am reminded of beauty.
little shiny things catch my eye…

I don’t really know what to do about it.
doing my laundry sounds like a good idea today.

Tom Sepe: Portfolio

Here’s a preview of the print-on-demand book I just made of my art. It’s meant to be like a portfolio, but right now its really more like a coffee-table style retrospective of the last ten years. I’ll probably trim it down and go with a smaller format for use as an actual portfolio.

I designed the book in Apple’s professional photo editing application, Aperture (which is kind of like iPhoto on steroids.) But for the next version I think I will go with and do a full re-design using their software.

(for best results click on the view “full screen icon” on the lower right)

Wild Minds Demo Trailer

In November 2009 I was approached by Adventure Pictures, a SF based TV production company, who wanted me to be a host for a new show they were pitching to the Discovery/Science channel called “WILD MINDS.”

We filmed for a day at KSW headquarters in West Oakland, and I interviewed Dick Vennerbeck (AKA the Steam Wizard) and Jody Medich. Within a week they had this “trailer” edited together and sent off to the decision makers:

I’m still waiting to hear the final word… sometimes these things take a while to get sorted… so cross your fingers!

wild minds demo trailer.

Spring 2009 Update

Hey Friends,

Just a quick update to tell you where I’m at

After moving back to the Bay Area for six months… I’m about to mix it up again… where to? I’m not exactly sure!

We had some great success and challenges with the documentary film project – Andrea and I met up in Northern India last year to interview Tibetan Exiles about non-violence, China, the Olympics… you can see some of our work online here:

due to lack of funding and general life being what it is … the project of making a full length documentary is on hold…. but if you are interested in helping or have any film-maker resources, please clue me in!

I’m looking for places to go visit and work/live for a bit – specifically farms, cooperatives, retreat centers, land projects where there is a need for some skilled hands and a commitment to Art, Community, Activism and just plain having a good ‘ole time…. so if you know of anything like that out there please let me know.

I’m also looking to buy a truck that can be my workhorse – a good truck for traveling, working on a farm, maybe through a camper on it, tow a trailer with some tools and camera and stilts and my chef knives…. a gypsy wagon!

My short term plan is to explore and have a respite from the city for 6-mo or a year, and then see where that leads me or perhaps go back to school… maybe in Sweden!

So that’s the nutshell version…. of my life… would love to hear about you!

In Gratitude,

Tom Sepe

back to square one

I’ve found myself back at square one with the Tibet documentary film project. Actually to say “back” is misleading because I think we skipped over square one in the first place!

As it stands now, Andrea is moving to India next month, and the film is now 100% in my hands. One powerful lesson I’ve learned over the last few months is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to produce a documentary film – on the order of months if not years. Of these two new developments, I’ve decided to re-assess. Basically to discard any previous notions and start from the beginning.

This is more than necessary, as I was beginning to get discouraged, or at least feel overwhelmed by the complexity and enormity of the project!

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet with a professional dicumentary film editor, Kathleen Dargis. She turned me on to a book entitled “Trailer Mechanics” by Fernanda Rossi, and it is walking me through the steps to fully understand my motivations and desires for making a film. This is so important for if I’m going to dedicate the next year of my life to this project, then I better be doing it fir the right reasons, or I’ll get burned out, or worse just fail miserably!

So now I am starting to develop a concept around the values and topics that I am interested in… and then the next step will be to create a fundraisibg trailer that will demonstrate the idea to foundations and potential finders, as well ad become a tool for developing an audience for the film.

My current production schedule;

Nov-Dec -Fundraise from my immediate network while working on concept. Perhaps a few intimate evenings where I can show footage, talk about the project and get support.

Jan-Feb – Edit the trailer

March – ? apply for grants, private donors, create events. Also this will be when I will be doing additional interviews or filming to support the new film story/framework.

Stat tuned!

blog a day

Well, now that I’ve got this handy iPhone WordPress App, I might as well start blogging everyday…

so the goal here is to publish a daily trials and tribulations, deep thoughts, and big questions, while not making too many typos.

here we go!

I’ve arrived in India!

mcleod ganj

Hello Friends!

(For further updates, I’ve set up a mailing list. Please visit this page: to sign up.)

Just a quick update to let you know that I have arrived safely and without hassle in McLeod Gange, the small town above Dharamsala, India this morning!


Hard to believe that a couple weeks ago I was asking for assitance, and now the help of my community has sent me to the heart of the Tibetan exile community. Its thrilling and unbelieveable!

Andrea and I just had a fantastic brainstorming lunch and are developing and clarifying our vision for the project.

Before leaving I was able to get some great footage of the Olympic Torch Protests in SF, as well as the Tibetan Fredom Torch Candle light Vigil where Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Richard Gere as well as many other incredible people spoke… not to mention the GG bridge action and the March To Tibet event in SF at 1015 Folsom. I’ve also already done about 10 interviews before I even got here! Its amazing how this is all unfolding! Big shoutout to Heather Hill for assisting with filming and for Caylee Sitz for rockstar support.

I’ve posted a couple things on my youtube page:

Laurel Sutherlin Speaks @ 1015

Karsh Kale Interview with Wasfia Nazreen

So again I send my thanks! YOU are all making this possible and I encourage all of you to find out more about the Tibetan’s situation, to spread the word, and to take actions of solidarity so that this non-violent movement for freedom can suceed. For the sake of the Tibetan’s and for the sake of all people who care about peace and justice.