its the word of the month.


just got back from performing in Aruba with Xeno and Kristina Canizares and miss Belva. .. it was a blast and an odd cure for my woes.

Now I’m in full swing welding and constructing with Michael Christian trying to get this giant monstrosity of steel and art up to the Playa for Burning Man!


thanks everyone for the support in my rough times! I’ll be camping at Camp Carp – 5:30 & Esplanade… or come find us at Michael’s sculpture putting on the final details…. bring cold drinks and hugs cause we’ll need it!

Just a couple more days to go…!


ups and downs

I woke up feeling miserable today. Migraine, headache, dehydrated and stressed out. I had to call in sick to work, which sucks cause its rare that I have scheduled work… I can usually make my own schedule, but right now everything is collapsing…

I rested most of the day and then was able to get part of the way through building a pair of custom stilts for Cassidy, who is creating custom stilt pants for me and FedEx-ing them tonight in time for my trip to Aruba. Yeah, Aruba. I’m performing there for a corporate gig. Paid vacation at the exact wrong time of year. RIght before Burning Man? I wish I could cancel on the Aruba thing cause it is stressing me out, and then I will only have 4 days to get ready for the Burn in addition to helping Michael Christian finish his sculpture, and everything seems like a pain in the ass when I don’t feel good. and all of a sudden it feels like every single minute counts, yet I’m no at all committed to being so driven that I make every minute count.

I’m really tired of running around doing a million different things. I want to focus my energy. I want to be doing something I can believe in. I want fresh air and beautiful skies and no traffic and no war. I want dirt roads and nieghbors who smile and say hello when you pass them in the road. I want out of the city. I want out of the decrepit American culture of consumption, ignorance, and foolhardy independence. I want clean renewable energy. I want public transportation that is clean and reliable.

If we are going to have civilization, why don’t we have a civilization that actually works????

health, wealth and happiness

I quit smoking yesterday. Today I felt like I wanted to smoke but knew I really didn’t. I’m also committing to being a vegetarian. I did it for 10 years a while ago, and I also swear I would never own an internal combustion engine…. ahh idealistic youth… However, when you look at the affect on the environment (in terms of greenhouse gasses) between being vegetarian and driving a hybrid, guess what?

You are better off being a vegetarian. So why not both? I’m driving my motorcycle more (which gets close to 100mpg) and also not driving as much. I walk and ride my bicycle too. And I’m building an electric motorcycle which I could charge with solar panels. I considering moving to my friend’s farm where I can work growing food and living closer to the land. It feels more real to me and also I think it would so amazing for me to be out of the psychic consensus reality field…

I’ve also been very productive the last few days… getting my business taken care of… a big part of this is identifying blocks that are holding up my energy and then completing things.

So it is a powerful time for me I am feeling much better. thank you for your responses and for reading this!