Boone’s Farm – Sept 2006

I just got back from Southern Oregon, visiting my friend Laurel & Mookie’s Farm! I forgot to get video tapes, but the one I had in my camera had 13 minutes on it so I waited till sunset on the last day and shot some footage. The light was beautiful and a couple days later I edited together a little short.

All that is missing now is a little voiceover from Laurel explaining a little bit more about the farm….

Can’t wait to go back!

Soldiers Speak Out

Soldiers Speak Out is a powerful, first-hand testament to the reality of the military experience told entirely in the words of American veterans who have been to war and are now opposing it. We hear how they came to join the military, about their experiences in training and in war, and what led to the turning point when they decided they could no longer, in good conscience, participate in the war or keep silent. This half-hour documentary sheds light on the growing and courageous anti-war and anti-occupation movement within the military and their families, and serves as a counter-recruitment and organizing tool for activists, schools and organizations. It provides a sober view of the war in Iraq and an important counterpoint to the ‘stay-the-course’ rhetoric of the Bush administration.

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didn’t know i was unamerican

This is a beautiful song and video written by Ian Rhett.



i’m really emotional today.
this song makes me cry

tired of watching all my friends party party
tired of watching myself struggle struggle struggle
trying just to get by
trying to bring a smile to another
trying to find what happiness looks like for me

while greed, war, disease, destruction ravage our heritage, our family

tired of feeling like nothing matters
tired of feeling like we have no voice

tired of being ineffective
tired of being afraid

tired of being lied to
tired of not knowing the truth or anything close to it.

tired of being american

Flock Takedown Coachella 2006

Here’s a rough draft timelapse of the takedown of Flock at Coachella 2006. (Music by Cortex Bomb) I’m planning to document the creation of Michael’s next sculpture for Burning Man 2006 and combine it with footage from Flock’s temporary residence in front of City Hall, SF last year, and the Coachella footage to create a documentary of Michael Christian’s art and the migration of the Burning Man Art Festival aesthetic to the Urban experience. Stay tuned!

Engine 42 Crucible Video

I just finished my first contract video project for the Crucible!

I’m pretty happy with it… but had a lot of problems with the audio, and there is some redundancy. But Learned a lot in the process…. and like I always say;

If I had more time I’d make a shorter video!