Creating Live VFX for the Exploratorium

At my job ( we’re filming live practical visual effects that we’ll be projecting onto the new Exploratorium building in San Francisco for the Grand Opening on April 17th and 18th.

So basically we’ve set up about 6 different scale models of the new building and we are doing different crazy things, such as melting wax or growing crystals, and them filming that effect. The footage will then be 3D projection mapped onto the actual building. It’s gonna be nuts. If you are anywhere near SF on those nights you gotta see it. Two nights only!

Here’s a shots from the production:

more pics after the break

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back to square one

I’ve found myself back at square one with the Tibet documentary film project. Actually to say “back” is misleading because I think we skipped over square one in the first place!

As it stands now, Andrea is moving to India next month, and the film is now 100% in my hands. One powerful lesson I’ve learned over the last few months is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to produce a documentary film – on the order of months if not years. Of these two new developments, I’ve decided to re-assess. Basically to discard any previous notions and start from the beginning.

This is more than necessary, as I was beginning to get discouraged, or at least feel overwhelmed by the complexity and enormity of the project!

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet with a professional dicumentary film editor, Kathleen Dargis. She turned me on to a book entitled “Trailer Mechanics” by Fernanda Rossi, and it is walking me through the steps to fully understand my motivations and desires for making a film. This is so important for if I’m going to dedicate the next year of my life to this project, then I better be doing it fir the right reasons, or I’ll get burned out, or worse just fail miserably!

So now I am starting to develop a concept around the values and topics that I am interested in… and then the next step will be to create a fundraisibg trailer that will demonstrate the idea to foundations and potential finders, as well ad become a tool for developing an audience for the film.

My current production schedule;

Nov-Dec -Fundraise from my immediate network while working on concept. Perhaps a few intimate evenings where I can show footage, talk about the project and get support.

Jan-Feb – Edit the trailer

March – ? apply for grants, private donors, create events. Also this will be when I will be doing additional interviews or filming to support the new film story/framework.

Stat tuned!