Despair Vs Dream


I’m having one of those mornings where Despair and Doubt ate their oatmeal and did their yoga before I could kiss Dream farewell. They are doing pushups on my Heart and running circles around my breathless Hope.

A million dead seabirds paint the beaches with their starving bodies. A handful of pseudo kings pull the strings that dance the political puppets. 10,000 TV shows distract the populace while commercials invent desire for useless objects, broken before they are bought. The police are murderers. The army works for the corporations. The people are divided. The entire ocean is changing it’s chemistry, the very web of life is unravelling before our eyes and by our hands.

Has it occurred to people that our civilization is not civilized?

What if there was another way of living together? And it was just around the corner, waiting for us to invent and accept it?

Would you take a stand for that possibility?

Artist Voices Frustration

And in Today’s NEWS:

Artist Tom Sepe experiences frustration and disappointment as the week draws to a close.

“I barely got half of what I wanted to get done this week, the weather is affecting my mood, numerous people who owe me money are flaking, I smoke too much and I live in a country that denounces Socialism.” said Sepe this morning at a local cafe.

“At least I have lots of friends on Facebook!” he decried while riding away on his bicycle.

Tom Sepe is an under-employed multidisciplinary artist who live in Berkeley, CA

You can view his un-marketable art-objects online at: