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Tom Sepe Projects Highlight Reel

This video shows off a collection of projects spanning almost 15 years, demonstrating a wide range of skills and craftsmanship.

RER & HRC (2021)

Interactive Robots for Meow Wolf’s immersive experience in Las Vegas, NV called “OmegaMart”. Audience members can interact with the robots via a keyboard and screen and ask them questions. The robots will respond by talking and moving via a built-in chatbot with a range of responses that are all tied into the non-linear narrative of the exhibit.

Mech-Can-Can (2017)

Pneumatic dancing can-can robot legs. 8 legs controlled by midi signals and choreographed to different music tracks First built for the Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival in 2017. The Mech-Can-Can stood at the entrance of an immersive experience that Tom Sepe and Tucker Teutsch created called the RoadKill Saloon. It featured robots, humans and humans pretending to be robots as part of an immersive “who-dunnit” theater performance.

SweeperBot (2017)

RC controlled sweeping robot built for the RoadKill Saloon. The base is a hacked electric wheelchair + a windshield wiper motor for the arm motion.

Texas Insult Machine (2017)

An interactive talking robot. When you press the button a different insult is hurled at you in a Texas accent.

The WhirlyGig (2007)

An electric motorcycle built on the frame of a 1960’s Tote-Gote with a working hand-built steam boiler on the back.

Practical FX (2011)

For the San Francisco Exploratorium’s grand opening celebration of their new buiilding, Obscura Digital created all practical effects and filmed them, then projected them onto the facade of the building. I created the welting wax effect, as well ass assisting on creating content with a time-lapse crystal growing, time-lapse plants, and a giant cloud tank.

Tesla Projection Vehicle 2013-2014

The Oceanic Preservation Society asked Obscura Digital Inc to create a mobile projection vehicle for the film “Racing Extinction”. I was the technical director on the project and oversaw all the mechanics and programming of the robotic elements. I also rode in the car and operated all the hardware for filming.

Google ChromeBook PixelTree (2011)

I helped to design the overall form and layout of this “Tree” which featured over 60 off Google’s brand new touchscreen laptops. I also help configure the OS and software working with the programer and the content creators to implement the idea. Finally I travelled to multiple locations to install and troubleshoot the device onsite.

CopperFlower (2016)

Private Commission. A multicolored lamp made from recycled metal junk, and copper sheet.

Led Ping Pong Ball Suit (2018)

A fully addressable RGB LED suit made of light-up ping-pong-balls for a client in San Francisco.