Consciousness and Quantum Reality – Nick Herbert

OK. Here’s the download. This is where hard science and new-age thinking align to reveal the mental/spiritual quagmire we are in at this moment in time. It appears to me that we are faced with integrating a new paradigm for understanding and acting in the universe (or perhaps I should say multi-verse?)… and I think this interview explains why everything appears so topsy turvy in our world today. I happened upon this book on a houseboat in Sasaulito last night.

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From: THINKING ALLOWED Conversations On The Leading Edge Of Knowledge and Discovery an interview with Nick Herbert.
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Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics by Nick Herbert at

JEFFREY MISHLOVE, Ph.D.: Good evening and welcome. Our topic tonight is consciousness and reality, and my guest, Dr. Nick Herbert, is the author of a book called Quantum Reality. Dr. Herbert is a physicist. Nick, welcome to the program.

MISHLOVE: It’s a pleasure to have you here. You know, as a parapsychologist I find it fascinating that of the various academic disciplines that are interested in psychic phenomena, there seems to be the most interest from quantum physicists such as yourself.I wonder if we can begin the program tonight by having you explain to our viewers just what is quantum physics, and why would you find the phenomenon of consciousness to be so interesting?

HERBERT: Well, quantum physics started out in the twenties to explain the interaction of light with atoms. It focused on that, but now it’s extended to explain the interaction of anything with anything. It’s basically the physicists’ theory of the world these days, and it’s been very successful. So there are two reasons, I think,why quantum physics and consciousness have some connection. One is that quantum theory, as most people know by now, is very strange. It has very weird properties.

MISHLOVE: You’re dealing with the very smallest particles of matter that exist.

HERBERT: Yes, that’s true.

MISHLOVE: Subatomic particles. Typically we hear that this sort of stuff [knocking on furniture] is no longer solid; it’s mostly a vacuum in quantum physics.

HERBERT: Not only is it not solid, is it mostly empty space, but it’s also probabilities — just fuzzy, not even totally

MISHLOVE: In other words, particles aren’t even particles anymore.

HERBERT: Particles aren’t even particles anymore. That’s one of the connections with consciousness — that the solidity
of matter is dissolving away in light of these theories, and becoming more and more like the fuzziness that’s inside our heads….

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