Jaded B*tch seeks Optimist

My health is deteriorating
I get migraines.
I get alcohol poisoning after 2 beers.
I rarely exercise (although I’m very active)
I eat junkfood,
smoke cigarettes,
drink coffee,
and consistently stick my hands into toxic materials.

I live in a major american city where pollution and toxins fill the air and water.
The human population is increasing exponentially.
The government is corrupt.
Poverty and crime are on the rise.
The economic system favors oppression and waste.
The educational system is backwards and inneffective.
The mainstream media is irresponsible and controlled by corporate interests.
The general population continues to consume more and more useless crap.
There is no saving grace of clean renewable alternative energy within the next 50 years &
The world is running out of cheap petroleum.

The ocean is turning acidic.
there are holes in the ozone layer.
the ice caps are melting.
the planet is the warmest is ever been in recorded history.
We are responsible for a mass extinction of species (more info on mass extinction here)
Biodiversity is being irreversibly destroyed by human activities at an unprecedented rate.
The top soil is eroding.
New inventions are continually repressed.

I am less social than I was 5 years ago (although I know more people).
I haven’t been able to maintain a solid intimate relationship for more than 3 months.
Parties seem empty and meaningless (even the “eco-consciosness awareness” ones).

Most of my friends (and myself) seem more concerned with making the next buck than making the next revolution,
or are convinced that making art and being beautiful is enough to affect positive change,
or simply don’t know what to do.

I feel lost. unfocused. innefective and increasingly poisoned.


I need help. Humanity is trapped in a sea of doom. And I feel like I’m going down with the ship.

I’m seeking people with vision and action plans.

Not hope, not consolation, not pats on the back. I need a path that makes sense for now.