Willing to be a bad blogger

I think I read in the book “The Artist’s Way” that one has to be willing to be a bad artist before they can become a good artist.

So I guess I am finally realizing that I may risk being a bad blogger.

So in that spirit I’m going to sart posting more. Everyday? Don’t know. I’m hoping to find my writer’s voice. I marvel at how really good writer’s have a voice, and also have a way of writing that I can relate to. Somehow when I’m writing I feel as if I’m just writing to myself. How do I write to a larger audience? I’ve been really impressed with the writing of Erik Davis recently. (Check out this article) Funny, intelligent, poignent and he is as humble as he is learned.

I have thought many times about going back to school, and I’ve wondered what would I study?.. Art, Consciousness, Philosophy..? And then the more I think about it… the only thing to study is language, as it is the thing that underpins every subject. Even in science (which I admit is largely ruled by another language – math) one must write and speak about scientific matters in a language that people can understand… and we use metaphors and examples and comparisons to constantly talk around it. Language both limits and expands our experience. It is how we understand and communicate about any of these subjects. Linguistics and writing and speech. Which reminds me… I started reading a fabulous book recently called “The Unfolding of Language” which details how language evolves… fascinating and well written. But of course it made me wish I had paid better attention during English Grammer in High School.