Day 8 – No Coffee No Cigarettes

Reporting to you live from the edge of my consciousness..

Today is Day 8: No Coffee, No Cigarettes! I quit on the New Moon last week. There have been so many problems with my health in the last couple months; migraines, RSI injury in my right arm, lack of energy, depression… and I can’t blame ALL these things on the current socio-economic and political situation here in the U.S.

So since I’m fed up with it all, wanting to change so much in the world, I figured I’d start with myself – where I can begin the most powerful and immediate change. Besides, if you got a flat tire, you ain’t gettin over the mountain, ya know? And you’re certainly not getting anywhere by walking in circles, which is how I’ve felt about my life the last few years.

Ok sure there have been great moments and forward movement in the last few years; like converting my truck to run on veggie-oil, building the Bar at Cafe Gratitude, and investing in my G5 Mac for video editing and othe digital art. I’ve also had some great times with some amazing people and have grown as a human being… yet mostly … what the hell am I doing?

So step one: get healthy.

Step two: move out of the city.

I’ll keep ya posted.