Onward to Oregon


Oregon is beautiful!

My first week away was a magical journey of work and ritual at California Witchcamp in the Mendocino Woodlands. Its really hard to describe how wonderful it was to have that week in the redwoods as a kick-off to this new chapter of my life. Working with good friends (old and new) in the kitchen – making delicious, healthy food for wonderful people working conscious magic for themselves and the world.. it’s a homecoming and a recharge and exhausting and fun – all at the same time.

My post-camp plans to visit friends enroute to Oregon fell through … so on the advice of Lisa I travelled to Witness Peak in Willits with two new friends/chefs from Witchcamp. It was a sweet decompression and chance to catch up on some sleep. We hiked the almost dry creek and dealt with broken shower faucets, leaky pipes, and a cranky caretaker. We stayed two nights and I barely made it out the dirt road with my loaded truck and motorcycle trailer.

The drive from Willits to Oregon was a lengthy one, I arrived late on the 3rd to crash at Johan’s house in downtown Ashland. The next morning I awoke to small-town 4th of July parade set-up, and I was planning to skip out to Boone’s Farm for their party, but ended up walking down mainstreet to catch some of the show. At one point I noticed a couple cute girls in an upstairs window – and recognized one of Phoebe’s bags, and some frilly pants. Soon I was on the roof drinking mimosas with Adea and Jodi and a crew of locals with a bird’s eye view of Ashland’s celebration. Next they dragged me (kickin and screaming I’m sure) to Tosha’s house for a splendid slip-and-slide bbq complete with knob twisters and good conversation. But the farm was tuggin at me so off to the hills to be with the goats.

Of course Benny brought a kickin sound system and Eli and Mathew rocked the decks while Mookie danced and smiled and Stu got thrown into the pond for his b-day. ‘Round back there was a sweet music jam and the keg was quickly polished while the kids played games and the dogs tussled in the dirt. The dance party was situated in the upper Oak Grove, and with a bit of uplighting I was able to transform the canopy of trees into a green ceiling. Trees make the best party decorations! 😉

After watermellon, spankings, bonfire, I jumped on the decks for the late-late cracked-out music session. The previous djs were sic so I just did funny stuff and mixed it up a bit. Next thing I know I’m in the creamery making batches of garlic-basil and jalapeno chevre for the next day’s farmer’s market… and then why sleep? cause the morning light was so divine I had to take photos.

I passed out for an hour on the couch, then made eggs for some of the survivors while chugging fresh coffee with a kick, and oodles of water. Next, Tim, Katie and I drove 20 min to swim in the little Applegate river. AHHHHH! I can’t even remember the last time I swam naked in a river. This is so good for me! I feel like I want to pat myself on the back.

This whole move is something that I know I hjave wanted for sooo long… probably since about 1996 when I cooked at Breitenbush Hotsprings for a summer. But now I am finally ready and finally here. Its mind-blowingly good. I feel relaxed and excited – like I’m really moving in the direction of something deeply desired.

I still haven’t made it to Johan’s Farm yet. I’ll stay one more night at Boone’s farm then head back to Ashland for an Art Opening at Johan’s gallery. Saturday morning (7/7/07!) I’ll drive out to Johan’s land in Elliot Creek – which by the way is actually three miles over the State Border. Damn! I can’t even get out of California! 😉 anyway close enough.

I try to send out another update between Johan’s and the Oregon Country Faire.


Tom Sepe