Request for Assistance: I’m going to Dhamasala in Solidarity


Dear Friends,

I writing to you to ask for your assistance. I am going to Dharamasala to collaborate with Andrea Vecchione, on a video documentary of recent events involving the Tibetan struggle for independence. Our goal is to document current events as they unfold by connecting with first-person accounts. Andrea is already there laying the groundwork. I am hoping to leave as soon as possible. I am standing up in solidarity with the people of Tibet against the cultural genocide enacted by the Chinese Government.

I have received partial funding to travel to India, however I am in need of funds for equipment and expenses. Therefore I am calling out to my community, to raise about $2000 for a prosumer HDDV camera, extra batteries, etc as well as part of my plane ticket.

Any Donation will assist in this endeavor. Every bit counts and will add up in the end. What’s 20 bucks?

Please, if you are able to assist me, the cause of the Tibetan people, and the struggle for truth and peace worldwide, know that my work is in service to this. Contributions can be sent to me via PayPal: or by check and snailmail:
Thomas Sepe
430 Ashland St
Ashland, Or 97520

Thank you for your time and attention


Tom Sepe