Tibet Connections

Things are going incredibly well. We are getting some great interviews! We just interviewed Dr. John Powers – checkout his book “History as Propaganda: Tibetan Exiles versus the People’s Republic of China

We also interviewed Mary Gendler, who has been doing non-violent training here in India with the Tibetans for over 15 years! She was also close with the King family and involved with the March on Selma.

A few nights ago we did an audio-only interview with 6 ex-political prisoners – Tibetan Monks that had all been tortured and imprisoned by the Chinese Government. They did not want their faces to be shown for fear that the Chinese Governement will persecute their families back in occupied Tibet.

In addition we have been befriended by a wonderful couple here – Ronny and Rebecca Novick. Rebecca works for KPFK radio in Los Angeles, and Ronny does video documentary work. They have a fantastic website: http://thetibetconnection.org

Together with Ronny and Rebecca we are going to create a website “tibetin49seconds.org” where we will have a youtube video contest for people to submit their 49 second videos on the subject of Tibet. Stay tuned on that one…

I’m excited to start the editing process. We are starting to review some of our tapes while here…. its been such a whirlwind!

We are planning a couple of screenings here this week to share some of the footage from San Francisco – I think the Tibetans will get a kick out of seeing the thousands of protesters in SF as well as hearing the inspirational words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (see video below)

Anyhow that’s the update… We are still planning more interviews and some trips to some monasteries… stay tuned!