Three Plants That Give You Better Indoor Air

Who doesn’t want indoor air quality? Ok, well I suppose if you live in the jungle or somewhere in the Kootenays, but even still, and especially during the winter-time with all the doors and windows closed up…. you’ll need just three species… but minimum of 11 plants:

Kamal Meattle used three just three indoor plant species to increase oxygen, filter air, and boost general health at a a New Delhi business park. You can use them, too, in any indoor environment. Meattle’s presentation at the TED 2009 conference details a large-scale success, using thousands of plants for hundreds of workers. In any living or working space, though, the three plants—Areca palm, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, and a “Money Plant”—can be used to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, remove organic compounds, and generally filter and freshen the ambient air. A single person looks to need a minimum of 11 total plants, and certain climates with less sunlight could require a bit of hydroponic growing, but Meattle swears by the health, productivity, and atmosphere benefits.

[via Lifehacker Australia.]

Check out the slideshow from the TED conference 2009 after the break: