Spring 2009 Update

Hey Friends,

Just a quick update to tell you where I’m at

After moving back to the Bay Area for six months… I’m about to mix it up again… where to? I’m not exactly sure!

We had some great success and challenges with the documentary film project – Andrea and I met up in Northern India last year to interview Tibetan Exiles about non-violence, China, the Olympics… you can see some of our work online here:

due to lack of funding and general life being what it is … the project of making a full length documentary is on hold…. but if you are interested in helping or have any film-maker resources, please clue me in!

I’m looking for places to go visit and work/live for a bit – specifically farms, cooperatives, retreat centers, land projects where there is a need for some skilled hands and a commitment to Art, Community, Activism and just plain having a good ‘ole time…. so if you know of anything like that out there please let me know.

I’m also looking to buy a truck that can be my workhorse – a good truck for traveling, working on a farm, maybe through a camper on it, tow a trailer with some tools and camera and stilts and my chef knives…. a gypsy wagon!

My short term plan is to explore and have a respite from the city for 6-mo or a year, and then see where that leads me or perhaps go back to school… maybe in Sweden!

So that’s the nutshell version…. of my life… would love to hear about you!

In Gratitude,

Tom Sepe