This is your Brain on Techno

Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics demonstrates what may be happening inside your skull when you listen to music at a club! This scientific experiment uses a tone generator, an amplifier and a speaker cone to create chaotic waveforms inside a a mixture of cornstarch and water.

Hexayurt Project – Shelter for $100

The Hexayurt is a new kind of sheltering solution. To make the simplest hexayurt, make a wall by putting six sheets of plywood on their sides in a hexagon. Cut six more sheets in half diagonally, and screw them together into a shallow cone. Lift with a large group on to the wall, and fasten […]

Shelter 2.0

Over one million people will go to sleep this year without proper shelter and in the wake of our countries current economic situation and the continual growth of tent cities here in America, it is the mission of Shelter 2.0 that everyone should have the right to a roof over there head and a floor […]