Higgs-Boson Photographed!

Amateur Scientist, Tom Sepe, photographs Higgs-Boson Particle
Tom Sepe, with the Higgs-Boson particle he photographed in his home labratory

“It’s small, its elusive, but its very friendly!” says Tom Sepe of the Higgs-Boson particle he photographed in his garage on Monday.

Scientists have been looking for the Higgs-Boson or “God Particle” for decades but “They’ve been going about it all wrong!” says Sepe, who was able to coax the quantum particle out of hiding with just the right music.

As Sepe explains; “Sages have been saying for thousands of years that every thing is just vibration, the music of the spheres and whatnot. Look, the Higgs-Boson has been here since the dawn of time (or just .0000001 seconds after) it has good tastes, it’s seen it all. You can’t just build a big a huge ugly billion dollar machine and expect a cool party. These things have to be understood from an emotional point of view as well! Its quantum physics man! Its Craazzy! We understand this stuff out in California.”

Sorry Switzerland.