Slot Car Races at the SF Night Market


NJW_8252 | NJW_8213

Originally uploaded by Nick Winterhalter

I had a lot of fun being a track marshal last night for the first SF night Market. Five Ton Crane put together a fantastic 4-lane slot car racetrack in the back of a rented Box truck, and parked it at 24th St & Illinois in San Francisco along with 18 other trucks each with different installations by different groups of artists. Big props to David Shulman for spearheading the effort and Greg Jones for all the slot car track!

Hosted by Lost Horizon, who have produced this guerrilla art event in Boston and New York in the past, there was a bowling alley in a semi-trailer, a entire garden, Mac and Cheese with attitude, a full gypsy band with stand-up piano, ballroom dancing and Grope-A-Clown just to name a few!

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And here are some photos by from the High School Yearbook Box Truck picture booth:

Keep your ears peeled for the next Night Market East Bay in the spring of 2011!