Steampunk: The new Goth –

I was recently interviewed by Ethan Gilsdorf for an online article about Steampunk in the Christian Science Monitor:

Tom Sepe, an artist exhibiting in one of them, the “Steampunk Form & Function” show at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, Mass., shipped his “Whirlygig,” a “steam-electric-hybrid motorcycle,” from his workshop in Berkeley, Calif. The circus performer discovered steampunk via the Burning Man art community, and looks at his life as art. “Every choice we make is part of a performance,” he says. “Every object we make or touch becomes an artifact of who we are and how we have been.”

For Mr. Sepe, “three crucial elements” keep him engaged in the steampunkmaker culture: the “warmth factor” of its handmade materials, its functionality, and whimsy – “free thinking imagination and fun.” Unlike other art forms, he says, “It doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Read the whole article here:

Steampunk: The new Goth –

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