Farewell Breckenridge

I’ve had an amazing time here in Breckenridge, Co. Jenn & Kate of Breckenridge Creative Arts have done a fantastic job of putting together this first annual Fire Arts Festival, and I look forward to the possibility of coming back here next year with my own art installation, or having a residency here.
Orion Frederick’s sculpture, Gilly, was a huge hit. People were blown away!

We did have some difficulty with our tanks getting cold and losing fuel pressure, as expected, but with backup tanks on hand we were able to keep the show going each night.


Seeing Gilly in the snow was surreal and beautiful, a marvelous juxtaposition of fire and ice, the impermanence of snow and weather and the everlasting hardness of the stainless steel.

I had one of the best days of downhill skiing in my life, and a second day of cross-country skiing which has inspired me to really get in shape this year. The crisp cold mountain air, being in the rugged mountains and majestic trees really touched a deep desire in me to be strong, active and healthy.