two robots handbuilt by tom sepe

Tom Sepe’s Robots at Meow Wolf’s OmegaMartUSA (video)

Tom Sepe talks about the challenges of making two life size animatronic robots for Meow Wolf’s permanent installation in Las Vegas, NV: OmegaMartUSA. A personal account with making-of and behind the scenes moments from inside Tom’s shop.


“When the team at Meow Wolf asked me to make not just ONE, but TWO robots, I of course said YES! I came to this project with a pretty wide range of skills, but I had to level up in every way. I spent a great deal of time prototyping… testing… there were failures and dead ends. “

“My standards were high and these robots had to work day in day out, not just for a single shot on a movie set. It was a lot of hard work! At times I thought my head was going to explode from how complicated these things were. But I kept at it… and kept at it… and kept at it and eventually we have what you see now. “

[Robot Voice] ‘Welcome to Dramcorp’

“I absolutely love making things, and honestly it’s the challenges that make it so rewarding! My name is Tom Sepe, and I build robots.”