Ode to Robin Williams

Robin Williams Wasn’t Special

I’m certain I saw this episode on TV when it aired in 1978. 

I was 7 years old, having just moved from New Jersey 2 years earlier, and I watched Happy Days religiously. I must have seen myself as a bit of a cross between the Fonz, and Richie Cunningham; with my New Jersey Italian background and my California liberal boy-scout upbringing… I guess I still do. 

But when Mork (Robin Williams) appeared on the screen in this episode, things changed…

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Creating Live VFX for the Exploratorium

At my job (www.obscuradigital.com) we’re filming live practical visual effects that we’ll be projecting onto the new Exploratorium building in San Francisco for the Grand Opening on April 17th and 18th.

So basically we’ve set up about 6 different scale models of the new building and we are doing different crazy things, such as melting wax or growing crystals, and them filming that effect. The footage will then be 3D projection mapped onto the actual building. It’s gonna be nuts. If you are anywhere near SF on those nights you gotta see it. Two nights only!

Here’s a shots from the production:

more pics after the break

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Symmetry – iphone art

I’ve been having a lot of fun taking photos with my phone and making them into abstract art with an app called “Symmetry

I had a showing in Oakland in 2012 at Warehouse 416 Gallery  and in April 2013 I’ll be showing at Moshi Moshi in the Dogpatch, SF.


see the full photoset here




ya know I’m thankful for the dark moments…

for when it all turns to shit and I feel like a totally short-sighted, desire-based, pleasure seeking nincompoop.
I face my shortcomings…

I see what I don’t want to. I am reminded of beauty.
little shiny things catch my eye…

I don’t really know what to do about it.
doing my laundry sounds like a good idea today.

San Precario, Patron Saint of Precarious Workers and Lives

San Precario: Patron Saint of Precarious WorkersLast night my dear friend Mona Caron handed me a small card with an image of a modern-looking man with his hands together in prayer, San Precario, with some words printed on the back. The words were in Spanish, but it didn’t take a translation to understand that what I was holding in my hand is an expression of our times; the increasing lack of stability in the workplace and the age-old desire for right-livelihood.

We had just finished watching “The Economics of Happiness” a film that critiques Globalization and promotes localization. I highly recommend checking it out, even though it is difficult to solve the complex problems of the whole world in 1.5 hours of film. Nevertheless it provided some excellent discussion.

Well I don’t want to open up too many cans ‘o worms here. Mostly just wanted to send out this image of San Precario. If you want to read more check out this link:

FCJ-023 On the Life and Deeds of San Precario, Patron Saint of Precarious Workers and Lives | The Fibreculture Journal : 05.

Our friend Ryan is in legal trouble

In the Bay Area, we are fortunate to live in a bubble where marijuana is quickly becoming normalized and increasingly legal. But outside the Bay Area, the world is very different. She was pulled over for going four miles over the posted speed limit on a road in South Dakota where people routinely drive fifteen miles over the speed limit. The California plates on her rental car didn’t help matters. She is facing a possible sentence of 4-5 years for the marijuana that was found in the trunk. To many of us, this is shocking and overblown. But it’s real. As Ryan prepares to be sentenced, we are gathering to RAISE MONEY in support.

Click on this link for info on how to donate:

How you can help | Ryan Smilin.

and/or come to the

Benefit at CounterPULSE ~ Thursday January 6th

There will be performances, incredible auction items and surprises. And it will give Ryan a strong, visceral memory of the community she will find when she comes home.

what: All for One, a benefit for Ryan Mesch
performances by:
Kirk Read
Suzanne Sterling
Emily Leap
Ed Wolf
Lil Miss Hot Mess
Emil Miland
Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney

when: Thursday January 6, 2011 at 8pm

where: CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission St. at 9th in San Francisco

Steampunk: The new Goth – CSMonitor.com

I was recently interviewed by Ethan Gilsdorf for an online article about Steampunk in the Christian Science Monitor:

Tom Sepe, an artist exhibiting in one of them, the “Steampunk Form & Function” show at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, Mass., shipped his “Whirlygig,” a “steam-electric-hybrid motorcycle,” from his workshop in Berkeley, Calif. The circus performer discovered steampunk via the Burning Man art community, and looks at his life as art. “Every choice we make is part of a performance,” he says. “Every object we make or touch becomes an artifact of who we are and how we have been.”

For Mr. Sepe, “three crucial elements” keep him engaged in the steampunkmaker culture: the “warmth factor” of its handmade materials, its functionality, and whimsy – “free thinking imagination and fun.” Unlike other art forms, he says, “It doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Read the whole article here:

Steampunk: The new Goth – CSMonitor.com.

Artist Voices Frustration

And in Today’s NEWS:

Artist Tom Sepe experiences frustration and disappointment as the week draws to a close.

“I barely got half of what I wanted to get done this week, the weather is affecting my mood, numerous people who owe me money are flaking, I smoke too much and I live in a country that denounces Socialism.” said Sepe this morning at a local cafe.

“At least I have lots of friends on Facebook!” he decried while riding away on his bicycle.

Tom Sepe is an under-employed multidisciplinary artist who live in Berkeley, CA

You can view his un-marketable art-objects online at: http://tomsepe.com/recent.html